Stop My Pain

7 day back pain cureOne of the most common questions LowerBackPainSecrets subscribers ask is.. Is there a way to stop my pain? Of course there is, but not until you relax! When pain is so bad that you want to scream out "stop my pain!", the pain you are experiencing is actually much worse than it needs to be.

Obsessing over pain is a great way to ensure your pain becomes chronic. Thinking about your pain in a negative light actually makes it worse (granted, it is hard to stay positive when you are in a lot of pain). A study conducted at the Boeing company reported that employees who tended to be "worriers" were twice as likely to go out on lower back pain-related disability!

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The brain is truly a powerful force in chronic pain. Here is an example demonstrating how worrying about pain can magnify its effects:

- You get a back injury at work or at home that is quite painful.

- You begin to worry about how this back injury is affecting your current lifestyle and how it might affect the future. You worry if you will be able to work, support your family, pay the bills, play with the kids or participate in a recreational softball game.

- This stress increases circulating blood levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that breaks down body tissues and suppresses the immune system. it also helps us stay awake in times of stress. Cortisol breaks down tissue so that the muscle cells are adequately prepared for fight or flight and helps us stay alert. However, most of us do not routinely experience life and death situations, so instead cortisol simply breaks down body tissue when we are emotionally stressed.

- As cortisol levels are elevated, the amount of and quality of sleep decreases.

- Lack of sleep has two negative consequences. First off, this elevates cortisol even more, causing more tissue breakdown. To make things worse, a lack of sleep interrupts the body's natural healing processes, preventing the initial injury from recovering.

- This further increases pain, which increases anxiety, and so the cycle continues.

The phrase "stop my pain" is strongly worded and if you are saying this phrase then that indicates you may already be involved in this stress spiral.

The only way to break this cycle is to convince yourself that your pain is not worth worrying about. Easier said than done, I know! To break the cycle, each time you catch yourself worrying about your pain, simply say "this pain is not worth worrying about. It will get better soon", and say it out loud, even if you do not believe it.

Here is some weird science: researchers using brain scans have shown that people's brains are wired to believe whatever the person says out loud (out of their own mouth). Even something as ridiculous as a man named Bob saying "my name is Jane" out loud resulted in similar brain signals of when the person was telling the truth. We can convince ourselves anything is true just by repeating it enough.

There is truth to the thought that if you say something enough, you just might believe it!

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