Pinched Nerve Back Pain

7 day back pain cureA pinched nerve can cause quite a great deal of back pain, especially right after onset. A pinched nerve is a bit of a misnomer; it basically describes one of many conditions that may result in some compression on the spinal nerve.

In essence, pinched nerve back pain results from when one of the body's many tissues is pressing on the nerve, and if you move in particular way, this pain is increased as the compression increases.

Nearly every tissue in the spinal canal can be responsible for this particular injury. For example, a tight piriformis can effectively "pinch" the sciatic nerve, resulting in sciatica. Additionally, a piece of connective tissue or bone might be applying pressure to one of the nerve roots in the spinal cord, resulting in back pain and sensitivity to movement. Finally, another common cause of pinched nerve back pain is the all too common herniated discs.

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Initially, pinched nerves are painful as the result of inflammation. In this situation, anything that can reduce inflammation, such as ibuprofen and ice packs, will be effective in reducing your pain in the short term.

Anti-inflammatories are definitely appropriate in the short-term. Bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple, is also an effective and natural inflammatory compound. The all mighty omega-3 fatty acid supplement (such as fish oil) is also very effective in this situation. However, the problem is that this simply treats the pain and not the problem.

Here is another way to think about it: if you have pinched nerve back pain, and you take an anti-inflammatory, whatever is pressing against the nerve will go down in swelling a little bit. However, whatever is pressing up against the nerve root is now just small distance away from the nerve root and is liable to set the nerve back off at any given time.

Pinched nerve back pain is deceitful, as by simply resting for a few weeks, the swelling will goes down and the pain disappears, only to resurface as soon as you perform whatever movement or exercise that irritated it in the first place! In order to move past a pinched nerve for good, whatever bodily inefficiency which is causing tissue to move against nerves must be fixed, whether this be the result of muscular imbalances, inefficient movement, or poor postural patterns.

You can think of a pinched nerve like those annoying updates your virus scanner always tries to install on your computer. You can keep putting these updates off and hitting ignore, but by doing so you will eventually end up with an undetected virus, at which point permanent damage may have been done to your computer. Additionally, you may have passed the virus on to your friends computers through e-mail or Facebook and negatively affected them as well.

Pinched nerves are the same way because you can keep putting them off by simply resting and taking ibuprofen each time they flare up, but ultimately you will reach a point where it becomes harder and harder to recover from a pinched back nerve pain flare up and may find yourself in need of a more serious treatment (much like ignoring your computer's virus scanner updates).

Additionally, you will stress your friends and your family because they are the ones sharing their lives with you! Just like a virus, pain is contagious, and can make a family sick.

It's important to head off any recurrent injury and pinched nerve back pain with an appropriate movement based therapy that can address your imbalances.

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