Inversion Table Therapy

7 day back pain cureOne of my favorite ways to ease neck and back pain is with inversion table therapy. This non-invasive technique is so convenient because it can be used at any time of the day in whatever clothes you happen to be wearing. You will find several different inversion therapy table reviews around this site.

In addition to relieving pain, I've found that the inversion therapy table helps reduce stress levels, loosens up bound muscles, improves circulation, and all around improves my mood. After all, why wouldn't I feel good after reducing my back pain and saying goodbye to my chiropractor for good?  

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Throughout the course of the day, discs lose height as they become dehydrated. This is why people are taller in the morning versus the evening! Water is slowly squeezed out of them by the daily stresses of life such as gravity and muscle imbalances, which results in compressed vertebrae in the spine.

Essentially, the end result of this is that water and disc material can end up squeezing out of the disc (known as a disc herniation or bulge) and end up pressed up against a nerve root. This irritation can lean to spinal damage and even serious back pain.

I have found that inversion therapy tables are one of the best ways to stop this process.

A good product for inversion table therapy should have a comfortable and steady structure that is designed to safely and easily invert (bring your feet above your head) your body to a pre-determined degree setting. With just 30 degrees of inversion, you can enlist gravity to work for you, resulting the decompression of your vertebrae just moments after inverting.

Additionally, when under inversion, a gentle stretch is applied to your discs, which creates a vacuum in the disc. This literally can result in your herniated or bulging disc getting pulled back into place! This takes pressure off nerve roots and results in instant pain reduction.

I also find that while inverted I experience a reduction in stress. In particular, tight muscles and ligaments, particularly in the lower back, relax as disc height is restored to normal levels. As blood flow trapped in the feet is able to begin recirculating, wastes and toxins are removed from the stiff muscle tissue of the back and neck, leading to more relief.

Some of the other benefits of inversion table therapy:

- Increases blood flow to the brain, improving mental clarity and focus

- Improves flexibility of the spine and reduces pressure on weight-bearing joints.

- Increases the flow of the lymph system, improving the body's capacity to cleanse.

Since inversion table therapy works by helping increase disc hydration, the therapeutic process is more effective if you are well hydrated. Be sure to drink water regularly in conjunction with inversion table therapy.

General recommendations are 5-15 minutes of inversion therapy each day (depending on individual tolerance). I find that the best time to use an inversion table is right after in the evening before settling down for the night.  

There are some health conditions which may prevent individuals from participating in inversion therapy, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Be sure to check with your doctor before using an inversion table to see whether or not it is appropriate for you.

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