Chronic Back Pain Treatment

7 day back pain cureChronic back pain treatment can be awfully confusing. Each professional you go to offers a different solution; a physical therapist will want to strengthen your muscles, a chiro will want to align your spine, while a doctor might want to give you painkillers, injections, or even refer for surgery.

The truth is that none of these chronic back pain treatments have high success rates because in order to be effective, any chronic back pain treatment must account for changes that occur in the brain due to pain. This concept is referred to as neuroplasticity.

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Neuroplasticity is the idea that the brain is constantly changing in response to stimuli. In essence, your nervous system adapts to get better at whatever it practices. Chronic pain subjects the brain to a constant bombardment of pain signals. As a result, the brain gets actually adapts to these chronic pain signals; your nervous system reorients itself to become better at transmitting the pain. Practice makes perfect (and permanent); the longer you are in pain, the more likely the pain will become chronic.

Your body even develops more pain sensors (called nociceptors) in response to chronic pain. When this happens, even the slightest painful stimulus can create pain. Your brain also changes so that pathways in the brain that transmit pain signals become stronger, making your nervous system even more sensitive to pain.

Think about it; just how long have you been experiencing chronic pain? Six months? A year? 5 years? A lifetime? Why has your injury not healed by now? Truth be told, our bodies really are not that fragile. We would have never survived ancient times if that was the case.

Long bouts of pain sear an imprint in the brain that makes is easier for us to experience pain once chronic pain has taken a foothold. These neuroplastic changes are the are the real reason pain persists long after an injury or simply appears out of nowhere. This new model for thinking about the brain in pain is the missing link between our society's typical chronic back pain treatment plans and finally living a pain-free lifestyle.

I suggest a three step model for chronic back pain treatment: breaking the pain loop, reclaiming the brain, and finally fixing the root cause of the problem.

Breaking the Pain Loop

The first step to chronic back pain treatment is to break the pain loop. By "pain loop" I am referring to the vicious cycle I alluded to earlier: consistent pain signals cause the nervous system to adapt by building more pain sensors and magnifying pain signals. This in turn leads to more pain more often which leads to more adaptations, which leads to more pain, and so the cycle continues. This loop repeats endlessly and explains why chronic pain gets worse with time even though the injury is the same or has even healed.

Breaking the pain loop simply refers to experiencing painlessness for a certain amount of time. If we can quiet pain receptors (even if it is only for a brief period of time), we will be able to move forward to step two. There are three methods for breaking the pain loop.

First off, inflammation needs to be eliminated. Note that inflammation may not be present in many people seeking an effective chronic back pain treatment. Inflammation simply refers to the painful site being swollen, warm, and sensitive to the touch.

This is page 1 of a 2 page article. in the next page, I will lay out some great ways to reduce inflammation, break the pain loop, and carry out the rest of this three part process: Chronic Back Pain Relief (page 2).

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