Back Pain At Night

7 day back pain cureAfter a long day, one of the most depressing and irritating things that can happen is to experience back pain at night right after you hop in bed.

Compressed intervertebral discs are one of the most common reasons for experiencing this type of pain. Discs actually expand and soak up water as you sleep. This is why most people are tallest in the morning and shrink 1-2 inches (2-5 cm) as the day goes on. As a side note, the lower back is much more likely to be injured during the first hour of waking due to the expanded size of the disc.

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Back pain at night is often the result of the feeling of discs that have been compressed too much returning to normal size. If this is the case, pain will slowly diminish as the time you have spent lying down goes on.

When first you lay down, the forces acting on the spine are 40% that of standing and 25% that of seated. It may come as a surprise that more forces act on the spine when a person is seated rather than when they are standing. Even more surprising, forces acting on the spine when lying down to not drop to zero. This is because there is some muscle activity which helps maintain the normal curvature of the spine even when lying down.

An easy tip for improving back pain at night is to simply either put a pillow under your knees (if you are lying down on your back) or in between your legs (if you sleep in your side). Putting a pillow under your knees while lying on your back is preferred as the bent knee position causes the hamstrings to relax, lowering the muscular forces acting on your spine to absolute minimal levels. While this may make the lying down feeling more intense, ultimately it will lead to more complete disc rehydration and recovery.

If your pain is associated with sleeping on your stomach, the answer is easy: stop sleeping on your stomach! No complaints; laying down on your stomach jams your facet joints together and puts an incredible amount of force on one of the most sensitive parts of your spine. Learn to sleep on your back; if you can fall asleep on your back for three weeks in a row, you will begin to feel comfortable doing so.

Additionally, since back pain at night is often due to disc hydration issues, it is important to stay hydrated. Allowing yourself to become dehydrated can lead to extra disc compression during the day and ultimately more back pain at night. Chalk up another reason for drinking plenty of water! I don't necessarily recommend chugging gallon after gallon of water, but it is optimal if you drink enough water early enough so that you never end up getting thirsty. By the time you are thirsty, dehydration has already occurred and a variety of bodily reactions have led to the feeling of thirst.

Another great way to stop back pain at night before it happens is with inversion table therapy. I have reviewed several tables on this site and additionally The 7 Day Back Pain Cure, which I strongly recommend, talks about the appropriate use of these tables as well.

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