Arthritis Pain Treatment

7 day back pain cureWhen it comes to reducing arthritic pains, it is of utmost importance to first realize what arthritis really is.

Arthritis pain treatment will not be effective if it is not tailored to whatever is causing the symptoms in the first place.

First and foremost, arthritis is not a wasting disease due to wear and tear but rather is primarily the result of inflammation.

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Typically, "osteoarthritis" is the term used to describe wear and tear at a variety of joints while "rheumatoid arthritis" is the term used to describe auto-immune disease. While each type requires a different arthritis pain treatment, it is clear that these diseases are very similar.

Osteoarthritis simply means bony arthritis. Bony growths at the joint are typical of osteoarthritis. However, contrary to popular belief, it is not the result of joint wear and tear.

If arthritis was the result of the stress of a lifetime, why is arthritis of the hand so common but arthritis of the wrist is so rare? Assuredly someone who places a lot of stress on their hand places a lot of stress on the wrist. This simple observation debunks the wear and tear myth.

It seems that each joint is different and requires a different arthritis pain treatment.

For example, arthritis of the spine seems to be an unavoidable fate. Skeletons of ancient peoples show spinal degeneration across many cultures and centuries of time.

Research has shown that arthritic spines are usually not painful. In fact, most older adults have arthritic spines and have no idea about this! I explain why this is the case in my 6-part mini course, which you can sign up for free for on the navigation bar to your left.

Most likely, back pain and spinal arthritis are a coincidence. True arthritic back pain is worse right before bed and first thing in the morning. If this describes your pain, I would recommend a natural anti-inflammatory as odds are that your arthritis is the underlying cause.

If your back pain does not follow this pattern, anti -inflammatories are not likely to help. I would recommend a more comprehensive arthritis pain treatment such as outlined in The 7-Day Back Pain Cure.

The knee however is an entirely different story. Knee arthritis seems to be triggered by a loss of joint stability. In particular, losing a meniscus when a torn one is surgically removed is a surefire way to get an arthritic knee.

Anti-inflammatories and anything to increase knee stability seem to help this joint. Synvisc, which involves injecting a supporting substance into the knee cavity, looks like a promising treatment. With some more research and refinement, I can see this being a very viable arthritis pain treatment in a few years.

Finally, arthritis of the hands seems entirely inflammatory in nature. Any anti-inflammatory seems to help. The only promising arthritis pain treatment for the hands appears to be immune suppressants, which weaken the immune system.

In arthritis of the hands, an overactive and malfunctioning immune system appears to be a major factor. For this reason, immune suppressants can help. Unfortunately, these carry the side effect of making you more liable to get sick or have a cut become infected.

For all types of arthritis, here is a list of all the anti-inflammatories that can be effective arthritis pain treatments:

- Fish Oil (rich in omega-3s which are a powerful anti-inflammatory)- available at any supermarket, but you will find the best prices are at a bulk retailer like Costco (or similar) or even a store like Walmart.

- Fruits and vegetables. This is a no-brainer but often overlooked!

- Grass-fed meats (found at specialty stores or even a local farm. There are some places that sell grass-fed beef about 2 hours from my house for a low price. Consider making a drive out for it, buying a few month's worth, and then freeze it. Google your state or province along with the term "grass fed beef" and you will likely find a local farm.

- A plant enzyme product such as Heal-n-Soothe. This formula is full of natural anti-inflammatories found in plants and is a powerful anti-inflammatory without the negative side effects of ibuprofen. Click here to get a free trial of Heal-n-Soothe. You won't be disappointed!

The great thing about adding these anti-inflammatories to your diet is not only are they an effective arthritis pain treatment but they also improve other markers of health such as cardiovascular and respiratory function!

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